Phantom Thieves: The Flying Squirrels (怪盗むささび党 kaitou musasabi tou) is the first episode of Hurricane Polymar. It first aired on October 4th, 1974.


The group known as the Flying Squirrels steal a valuable gold statue known as the Golden Buddha that given as a goodwill gesture from a Eastern country. Takeshi Yoroi who just started working his first week for Joe Kuruma uses a radio transmission to hear a meeting led by the police chief Toragoro Onigawara at the police building across from them about the incident. They learn that the leader of the Flying Squirrels is named Goldar. As both Kuruma and Takeshi meet at a similar location as Onigawara, Takeshi runs away at the site of him which causes him to go after him. When Takeshi lost him, Onigawara gets kidnapped by members of the Flying Squirrels. Takeshi, Kuruma and the dog Baron go out to sea on a boat to find the location of the Goldar's hideout but the ship gets attack by Flying Squirrel members causing Takeshi to turn into Hurricane Polymar revealing his secret to Baron. Polymar finds the hideout of Goldar and defeats him just in time to save Onigawara's life and when defeating him, reveals to Kuruma and Onigawara that Goldar was really the president's aide who reported the case in the first place.